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interpersonal relationship
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About AI remind

AI remind is an AI tool for improved interpersonal relationship using mobile phone. The term 'improved interpersonal relationship' is defined as getting closer to or getting be more reliable each other. The improved interpersonal relationship is shown as a relation map of AI remind, which deep learning is applied to. As a basic social network services (SNS), AI remind gives various functions such as AI alarm setting and transfering to friends, AI schedule setting and so on.

AI security

AI remind stores user’s information into Amazon Web Services (AWS) Dynamo DB and S3 for strong security.
AI technology

'Interpersonal relationship' is a important factor so that people can live meaningfully with happiness and passion. AI remind can help people keep their precious memory and give a relation map reffered to as a 'belief relation model' among them. Based on big data and deep learning, we research and develop a 'belief relation model' so that people can use it for happy life.

AI alarm setting using SMS Notice with music Intuitive notice using calendar

How to use

Create AI remind ID

             1. Click AI remind login                                         2. Input name and email

AI remind SMS & calendar

                           1. Select user                                        2. Set up an appointment using SMS

                    3. Get notice alarm                                        4. Add notice alarm to calendar

AI remind function

AI scheduler is added on AI remind using SMS. It can transmit a schedule with gift to improve interpersonal relationship by using AI technology.

AI remind services

Types of gifts include music, gifticon, pictures and so on. Affiliated company can sell and promote gifts through AI remind. We are recruiting partner companies.

Development service

Platform development - AI technology, Cloud service, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection.
AI service, Cloud services, Web development, and Android mobile application development staff ensure a stable project progress.


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